Voter Info St Louis MO

Dear Friends,

It is almost unimaginable that 4 years have passed since the pieces were put into motion for change in representation for District 6, but it has. I have devoted my time, talents, and efforts in honoring my campaign promises to District 6. In addition, none of us could have predicted what started out as an Ethics Committee investigation would lead to Federal criminal indictments and guilty pleas by St. Louis County government officials charged with federal crimes, including the former County Executive, Steve Stenger, who is now serving a 3+ year sentence in Federal prison.

I am proud to be the Councilman from District 6, but without the people’s vigilance, along with honest representation, our communities and government are preyed upon daily and our liberties put at risk. The battle is real, as my opponent continually receive large contributions from individuals and corporations who don’t share our views on transparent, accountable, honest government and who find me to be an impediment to their pay-to-play schemes.