First, and foremost, District 6 desperately needs an independent, assertive voice in County government.

Previous Councilman O’Leary failed miserably to represent the people of District 6. Residents had been treated like subjects, not citizens. I guarantee you a voice that will speak your truth and I refuse to be silenced.

Second, that voice – your voice will stand against Metrolink expansion into South County.

St. Louis County cannot afford the expansion of the light rail system. For example, the nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. couldn’t afford to consistently perform routine maintenance on its subway system. But for court intervention the system faced complete shutdown. What makes County government think we can afford expansion of a system that already cannot afford security of any kind? Moreover, the statistics don’t lie. You need only look to what happened to the Galleria Mall once Metrolink stopped there. It ceased being a safe place. Once authorities addressed the problem, the problem simply took Metrolink to the U City Loop. I won’t let that happen in District. 6.

Third, the momentum of the City-County Merger initiative may have slowed, but the threat is real and remains.

I will never support a merger. St. Louis County acquiring the City of St. Louis, for that is truly what it is we’re talking about – an acquisition, is not the answer. While the County has and should continue to assist the City in correcting its problems, we are not, and should not be its savior.

Fourth, we have a drug problem in South County.

The proliferation of, and access to heroin in our midst can no longer be tolerated. I will use every resource of the office to increase law enforcement efforts to address and eradicate this cancer on our families and neighborhoods.

Those a just a few of the foes we face in this battle. Foes that not only must be confronted, they must be defeated.