Past District 6 Council Members failed to represent the people. Miserably.

Instead of representing us, and becoming our “voice,” they treated us as their “subjects.”

I believe representatives have an obligation to honor and serve the people – whether they voted for us or not – and a responsibility to respect all citizens, by:

  • Listening to your concerns
  • Hearing the issues that you are facing as citizens, families, business owners, etc.
  • Honestly communicating your concerns to the Council
  • Genuinely seeking to address your concerns and resolve them appropriately
  • Working hard to find real, viable, long-term solutions to our county issues

South County needed a voice. With your vote, I will continue being that voice and speaking your truth in District 6. As your representative, I will continue to refuse the calls for silence in our fight against county corruption.


We’ve all heard about the desire to “merge” the City with the County but, what we’re truly talking about is an acquisition: St. Louis County would acquire the City of St. Louis.

We’re all aware that St. Louis City is swimming in debt. For the County to “merge” with the City, it would mean that we – the County Taxpayers – acquire and become responsible for the City’s debt. That’s unacceptable. We are not, and should not be, the City’s savior.

If St. Louis City would like to follow Detroit’s example… We can re-evaluate it then.


Naturally, law enforcement plays a fundamental role in our society: No civil society can live without the rule of law and order. Supporting our law enforcement, and ensuring that they have the tools necessary for maintaining public safety, is important. Equally important, is providing our officers with opportunities for building strong, trusting, and lasting relationships within our community.


St. Louis County is struggling with a drug crisis – especially opioids – and South County is not immune. The drug problem in our County impacts all of us. Daily. Both directly, and indirectly.

The proliferation of drugs and the ease of access is appalling. Addiction is killing our children, devastating our families, and damaging our communities. It’s heartbreaking to see the pain and destruction left behind.

Unfortunately, addiction isn’t simple. The underlying causes, are as varied as the lives of those affected. But one thing is certain: addiction is on the rise.* Exponentially.

That’s why I’m committed to tackling our drug problem. Head-on and on multiple fronts. I introduced and passed legislation – one of the nation’s strictest – limiting the proximity of vape stores to schools, churches, daycare centers. Additionally, I introduced and passed one of St. Louis County’s strictest ordinances limiting the proximity of marijuana industry businesses to schools, churches, and daycare centers.

This was only a start. Working together, I know we can find solutions to the bigger drug issues we’re facing. We will succeed and we will prevail.


Many of you have reached out to discuss this issue with me and I understand your concerns. Before the pandemic hit, I was working on a bill that would address these concerns and provide real solutions to this problem. Not only is this affecting our communities, it’s negatively impacting those caught in this cycle.

We can do better for all concerned. In the next term I will introduce legislation to control panhandling and see that it’s passed.


We must improve procedures to keep our unincorporated streets and neighborhoods safe.

After my election in 2016, it didn’t take long to realize there was an issue: problem properties were on the books for years, even though many County Departments were doing their jobs.

The problem started once the property owners made it to St. Louis County Municipal Court. The stall began. For a variety of reasons. Many properties remained a problem. Neighborhoods suffered the consequences as property values tanked.

The viability and success of our community is simple:

  • No unmaintained streets
  • No abandoned houses
  • No derelict vehicles
  • No unkept properties
  • No overgrown properties

We need a municipal system that fully supports the efforts of the County employees and departments.

A main priority for my next term is to see that the courts, laws, penalties, and process is fair, but also effective in keeping our streets safe and clean, ensuring that District 6 is a secure place to live and raise our families.


The South County area is over 90% unincorporated. Many times, planning & zoning matters originate before the St. Louis County Planning Commission.

The County Executive appoints these volunteer Commissioners and there’s a fundamental issue:

Why is a Commissioner who lives in a municipality (with their own Planning Commission) making decisions for Unincorporated St. Louis County?

Why does a volunteer have input in the Planning and Zoning decisions in a community where they do not reside?

It is not equitable. It is a breeding ground for graft and corruption. And the people pay the price.

All Commissioners must be solely from Unincorporated St. Louis County to reduce the risk of ‘special interest’ influence and guarantee the best interests of the residents are the only priority.


District 6 is 90% unincorporated and for years, decades really, the County has had no real interest in bringing economic development to our community. South County became a haven for pay-to-play and pet-projects for Developers, that amounted to building apartment complexes and storage facilities.

Speaking from personal experience, we have about 8 storage facilities within 5 miles of our own home. This doesn’t help to build our economy. That’s why I worked hard during my first term to promote economic development in, and for, South County, including:

  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center @ Butler Hill Rd
  • 9-Mile Garden
  • R&S Machining headquarters
  • Sylvan Spring Senior Living facility (dedicated to seniors in perpetuity)
  • Rosalita’s Cantina
  • New, single-family home neighborhoods
  • Sponsored Light Up Lemay Christmas decorating contest
  • Assisted to help save Tower Tee

These are just a few of our wins for South County.

With your vote, I will continue working hard to attract quality businesses, increased job opportunities, and the single-family homes necessary to grow South County and establish a truly, thriving community.


For now, expansion is off the table: St. Louis County cannot afford the expansion of the light rail system and, without a tax increase, neither can Metrolink.

But it will come up again and, before we can think about or even consider expansion, there are basic questions and fundamental issues that require real answers and legitimate solutions.
To name just a few:

  • Has Metrolink solved their financial issues?
  • Has Metrolink solved their security issues?
  • Who covers the cost of an expansion?
  • What additional costs are “unforeseen” but likely?
  • What new security issues are likely with an expansion?
  • How are new or additional security costs covered?

Until that happens, I will continue fighting expansion into District 6.