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Vote St Louis – Disenfranchisement of South County ENDS, Trakas says

After being sworn in last week, new 6th District County Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-Oakville, promises that south county residents no longer have to worry that they have no voice in Clayton.

“The disenfranchisement of the citizens of District 6 ended the day I was sworn in,” Trakas told the Call after taking office.

To engage residents, Trakas plans to hold quarterly town-hall meetings rotating through Oakville, Concord, Lemay and Affton, starting with a kickoff meeting in Lemay in March.

Former Councilman John Campisi, who was the last Republican to hold the seat and was defeated for re-election in 2008 by now-County Executive Steve Stenger, frequently held town-hall meetings. As a councilman, Stenger also conducted town-hall meetings, but not as frequently as Campisi.

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